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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Excuse me... Did you just say Gun?

Moderator's Comment: This is one of many disciplinary actions now being taken against very young student's related to the 2nd Amendment.. .Whether it is the use of the word "gun", a pop tart (or piece of paper) in the shape of right angle (a gun?), a Lego gun the size of a quarter, or a pointed finger. . .children and "play" are being held hostage by anti-gun proponents in schools throughout the U.S. This is part of a growing war on the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

By Bobby Eberle - 5/5/2013

Forget all about actual guns, cap guns, guns made from sticks, or even a drawing for a gun. Now, it appears that children can't even say the word "gun" or else risk getting in trouble not only with the school system but also with local law enforcement. That's exactly what happened to an 11-year-old boy who was telling a story and used the word "gun" in it.

As reported by WMAL in Maryland, "the father of a middle schooler in Calvert County, Md. says his 11-year-old son was suspended for 10 days for merely talking about guns on the bus ride home."

Bruce Henkelman of Huntingtown says his son, a sixth grader at Northern Middle School in Owings, was talking with friends about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre when the bus driver hauled him back to school to be questioned by the principal, Darrel Prioleau.

"The principal told me that with what happened at Sandy Hook if you say the word 'gun' in my school you are going to get suspended for 10 days," Henkelman said in an interview with

So what did the boy say? According to his father, he neither threatened nor bullied anyone.

"He said, I wish I had a gun to protect everyone. He wanted to defeat the bad guys. That's the context of what he said," Henkelman said. "He wanted to be the hero."

Fox News' Todd Starnes reports that the deputy sheriff of the county was also called in and said "he would need to search their home."

"I said, by what authority and he said that he had to make sure the house is clear of guns," he said.

The deputy arrived at their home 15 minutes later armed with a four-page questionnaire.

"I was uncomfortable answering the questions," he said. "But I was told if I don't fill this form out - he would not be allowed back in school."

The questions covered topics ranging from mental health to how many guns and weapons the family owned.

"They were very intrusive questions," he said.

Following the questionnaire, the deputy started to search the home, until the boy's father finally had enough and asked the deputy to leave.

What is going on in this country? Not only is the word "gun" NOT a "bad" word, but it was also used in a context of bravery and heroism. The boy simply wanted to fight the bad guys. What's wrong with that? This school and its policies need a SERIOUS summer break.

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