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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Man Shoots Dogs to Save Boy, Could Face Charges

By GOPUSA Staff - 1/12/20

An 11-year-old boy was riding his bike when he stumbled upon three unleashed pit bulls. The dogs began attacking the boy and continued until a neighbor shot one of the dogs with his gun. Since the incident happened in Washington, DC, which has strict gun-control laws, the neighbor could face criminal charges.

As reported by the Washington Post, "Police said a neighbor and an officer shot the pit bulls as they sank their teeth into the boy's legs, arms, stomach and chest."

An uncle of the victim's said the boy was riding a new Huffy dirt bike with orange rims he had gotten for Christmas. The uncle said his nephew emerged from an alley onto Sheridan Street, where he collided with the pit bulls.

D.C. police said the unleashed and unattended dogs attacked the boy before a neighbor who saw it went into his home, got his handgun and fired once, hitting one of the dogs. A D.C. police officer on bicycle patrol heard the shots, and authorities said he shot and killed the other two pit bulls. It was unclear from a police report exactly how many shots the officer fired.

So what is happening to the neighbor who came to the child's rescue? Instead of being treated like a hero, he is currently "under investigation."

The Cato Institute reports that the neighbor "he apparently needs a lawyer because he is reportedly under 'investigation' for violating our capital city's firearms laws! You see - he may have discharged his weapon beyond his property line. Talk about no good deed going unpunished."

Every single day, Americans use guns to save lives but we do not hear about these incidents on the evening news-and that's mostly because the gun only has to be brandished and the bad guy takes flight. Just not considered "news." Another reason is media bias-as the past few days illustrate. Yesterday, CNN had full coverage of a gun crime in Houston. This story-civilian uses gun to save an 11-year old's life-only a few paragraphs back in the metro section of the newspaper.

The story is not flashy, but it shows what can happen and what does happen every single day when people use their firearms for protection. It's too bad the media don't consider it to be "news."

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