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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

North Carolina Sheriff’s Response to Explosion in Violent Crime: Be Armed and Ready Until the Police Arrive

Responding to an explosion in violent crime in Harnett County, North Carolina, Sheriff Larry Rollins told about 130 residents at a community meeting on Monday that they need to “be able to take care of business” until police arrive.
To put it bluntly, Rollins wants his residents to be armed and ready to protect themselves and their families.
“I do not go anywhere without a gun,” the sheriff told residents at Spring Hill Methodist Church in Lillington, North Carolina, on Monday.
“I want my deputies to be at your house just as fast as they possibly can when you have a problem,” he added. “But you better be able to take care of business before we get there if you need to protect your family.”
As WRAL-TV reports, a number of alarming violent crimes were addressed at the meeting:
• Raquan Shynell Hooker, 18, Maurice Shaquan Williams, 23, and Maurice Kollis Cox, 27, were shot outside a Kangaroo gas station on N.C. Highway 87 in Cameron Friday afternoon. No arrests were announced as of Monday.
• Hours later, Jeffrey George, 21, was seriously injured after crashing while fleeing from police. George led authorities on the vehicle pursuit after selling drugs to an undercover officer, officials said. He crashed on U.S. Highway 421 near Marners Road.
• The body of Eric Kentrall Staten, 18, was found behind dumpsters on Saturday at a business at 6761 Ray Road in Spring Lake. No arrests were announced as of Monday.
The spike in violent crime has left the community fearing for their safety, concerns that their sheriff is clearly taking seriously.

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