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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Operation Chokepoint Closes Lending for “Undesirable Businesses” like gunshops

By Bob Irish - 6/1/2014
  President Obama partners with Attorney General Eric Holder to crack down on gun sellers and other businesses deemed "high risk."

PALM BEACH, Fla.—If you sell guns, coins, or any other product the FED doesn’t like, the message is clear:
The government now has the right to restrict financial institutions from lending to you.

Sound unconstitutional?

Well... It’s technically not a law… but that doesn’t matter…
According to Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, this “initiative”—known as “Operation Chokepoint”—is being front-lined “on behalf of the American people.”

Already, thousands of banks are cutting ties with “undesirable” businesses in what California Representative Darrell Isa calls “The Justice Department’s newest abuse of power.”
Mark Cohen, a gun seller in Massachusetts, explains:

Our loan was turned [down] not because of our credit—We had perfect financials and [had] been working with the same bank manager for 20 years. It was just because we sell guns—and they said that to us specifically.

Unfortunately, Cohen’s case isn’t the exception.

It’s the new norm…

Since federal attorney Michael Bresnik introduced the initiative last March, The Justice Department has sent hundreds of subpoenas warning banks and payment processors that they will be severely fined if caught financing businesses like Cohen’s.


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