“Welcome fellow domestic terrorists,” said former Bonner County Commissioner Cornel Rasor. The greeting, a clear slap at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who called Bundy ranch supporters “domestic terrorists,” was well received by everyone present. Rasor went on to define Reid’s “domestic terrorists” as polite, kind people who love their country.

A number of people spoke at the event, including Serenity McKie, a 15-year-old home-schooled teenager who gave a passionate defense of the Second Amendment. McKie, proudly displaying her rifle, later told Examiner she has been hunting since age 13, when she first received her hunting permit. Her mother, Enola Gay, expressed pride in her daughter, telling Examiner she did a “great job.” McKie told the crowd the speech was her public speaking final.

Brent Regan, a local engineer and former Coeur d’Alene school trustee, told the crowd the Second Amendment is about freedom, not firearms. He also addressed land issues, which he called perhaps the “least understood” issues westerners face.