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Friday, April 25, 2014

Common Sense Solutions: Street Crime

By   - 4/25/2014      
          It is no secret that Chicago is a cancer on the landscape of the United States of America. Criminal activity in Chicago is completely out of control. Daily, sometimes hourly, shootings rock the city. As always, the police are powerless to STOP the shooting. It seems people in Chicago still think police exist to PREVENT crime. If police anywhere prevent crime it is pure luck. Police exist to INVESTIGATE crimes AFTER they happen and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Some people just don’t understand that concept. But you would think that a police superintendent would know how things work. That is why it comes as such a shock (but maybe it shouldn’t) when Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy had the nerve to tell the media that “lax state and federal gun laws” are to blame for the violence in his city.
That is the kind of stuff you can shovel on your roses, but please don’t ever swallow it!
Chicago has the highest crime rate in the nation. Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation. That means the laws in Chicago are more restrictive than state laws in Illinois and other states and more restrictive than the national laws. According to Mr. McCarthy, all the rest of the nation seems to be suffering under these lax gun laws. Suffering with reduced crime rates. Suffering with substantial drops in negligent shootings. Suffering with citizens who take personal responsibility for their own safety AND live to tell about it. Mr. McCarthy thinks every community could become more like Chicago if we would just institute tougher gun laws.

Wait a minute! Why would any community want to become MORE like Chicago? I will stop just short of saying Chicago sucks, because I’m sure there are some nice areas there. But when it comes to crime, no one wants to be more like Chicago and no one should take any steps to become more like Chicago.

The problem with Chicago is not one of gun laws. The problem with Chicago is one of culture. There is a culture in Chicago that allows the lawless behavior to continue. There is a culture in Chicago that encourages city officials to ignore the communities where these crimes are committed. Oh, don’t get me wrong: there is plenty of hand wringing, and city officials take every opportunity to step in front of the camera to proclaim, “Something must be done!” But no one does anything…about crime.

Hell, Rahm Emanuel is allowing CNN to film a reality show, Chicagoland, in his fair city. Tell me this is not just a means to get Mayor Emanual more network face time as he plans to run for higher office. Yep, they got a TV show, but they still have more than one murder per day in Chicago.

The truth about Chicago crime is that tougher gun laws in Wisconsin or Missouri or Indiana will do nothing to stop crime in Chicago. What needs to be done is simple. Plot all the locations of murders within Chicago on a map and send a bunch of police officers to those neighborhoods to implement a strict “stop and frisk” policy. Then arrest EVERYONE carrying a firearm without a permit and put him or her in jail!

(Hyperbole Alert! I’m going over the top here to make point!)
Oh no! That would be profiling! That would be a violation of their Fourth Amendment rights! Yep. It would be. But every time you get on an airplane you submit to a warrantless search of your person in the name of public safety. Maybe the citizens of some of those really bad neighborhoods in Chicago would do the same in the name of public safety. Right now it is safer to fly the friendly skies than it is to walk down some streets in Chicago. But if we did the stop-and-frisk thing, lots of liberals would say, “You are infringing on our rights! Once you take away one right, what is stopping you from taking away all the rest?”

That is what we gun owners have been saying for decades and one thing we know is that tougher gun laws NEVER reduce crime.

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