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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NFL Bands Off-Duty Cops from Carrying Guns to Games

By Fox News - 3/11/2014
The New York Police Department is considering a challenge against the National Football League policy that bans off-duty police offers from carrying their weapons into stadiums. Two Minnesota police organizations have sued the NFL, claiming it violates state law.

The NFL's policy, adopted last September, prohibits firearms in any league facilities, including team offices and practice facilities as well as stadiums. The only exceptions in the policy are for law enforcement officers that are specifically assigned to work an NFL game or event as security or for private security contractors with valid licenses and firearms permits.
The lawsuit, filed [in February] by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association (MPPOA) and Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, claims that the policy puts members of the public at an unnecessary risk by prohibiting licensed, off-duty police officers from carrying their weapons inside a stadium.

Current Minnesota law requires anyone who possesses a pistol in a public place to have a permit, but police officers are exempted from that requirement. The lawsuit claims that the NFL's policy does not acknowledge the state's exemption.

Does state law/federal law overrule NFL policy?

A Judge, Andrew Napolitano speaking to Fox News. . . ."I happen to think that's a stupid rule. I think stadiums and the people in them would be a lot safer with off-duty cops carrying guns."

However, Judge Napolitano said the Second Amendment insulates the right to own guns from the government, not from private property. So you could stop me from carrying my gun in your backyard or your living room, and the Giants and the Jets can stop cops from carrying their guns.

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