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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Woman Shoots an Intruder

By GOPUSA Staff - 2/5/2013

Imagine what could have happened. A mother and six-year-old child are at home when she hears a noise inside her house. When she checks, she finds not one, but three armed intruders demanding money. One of the men pulls out a roll of duct tape to use on her. What happened next? She made it to her gun and shot one of them.

The wounded suspect was later arrested at a local hospital.
"When I saw three of them, I knew I was in a lot of trouble. I said, 'The TV is the most expensive thing I own. You could take that through the front door and go with it,' and they said, 'No, the money, the money,'" said Erin.

Erin said she had to think fast as the men headed towards her son's room. The mom said she distracted the men as she rushed to get her gun.

"Somehow the way it happened, as they were going down the hallway, I told them sometimes I keep money under the mattress, which is not true. But I needed to get to where my gun was," she said.

At this point, Erin said she prayed for something to distract them so she could grab her gun. She said her prayers were answered when her dogs ran in and started barking.

"They all turned around and looked. I grabbed my gun, cocked it, I turned and shot him right in the stomach," said Erin.

Two of the intruders escaped, but the other one wrestled the gun away from Erin before he took off running as well. Channel 2 News reports that "Adrian Granados-Yepez, 27, of Tomball, was arrested at Memorial Hermann Hospital Monday night, where he was being treated for a gunshot wound."

Would the police have been able to do ANYTHING to help her? No. She did what she had to do and thankfully, she had a gun.

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