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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

With elections just around the corner it’s not uncommon to hear politicians say all kinds of outlandish things to voters in an attempt to further cement their chances of winning an election.
But Mark Udall is making the commander in chief look like a rookie when it comes to the lies he’s telling.
In case you don’t know, Mark Udall is Colorado’s progressive Senator looking to severely hobble second amendment supporters.
And to court undecided voters who don’t like Obama, Udall has come up with a fairy tale where he insists that he’s the last person President Obama wants to see coming down the lawn of the White House. You know, because he’s always telling Obama “No.”

Udall has tried to convince voters that he’s actually working against the President most of the time. However, his voting record really doesn’t support the image he’s trying to portray.
As Town Hall reports, “Colorado’s Mark Udall is the ultimate Obama rubber stamp. He’s represented his purple state in a reflexively partisan, close-minded manner, backing President Obama 99 percent of the time.”
And unfortunately for gun owners in the Mile High State, Udall’s voting record has severely limited their 2nd Amendment freedoms to where Colorado now has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.
Udall is very much like the man he claims to aggravate, consistently voting in favor of harsher gun control laws every single time he can. He has voted for anti-gun judges, magazine bans, universal gun owner registration and much more.
So what’s this about him being a pain in Obama’s side? Is he simply trying to pull the wool over voters’ eyes?
In short, yes.
Fact of the matter is, of all the lawmakers in the nation, he is only one of a handful that has been selected to hit the greens with Obama. Apparently, playing golf with Obama counts as “resistance.”
Gun Owners of America has compiled a list they call “Udall’s Dirty Dozen,” which catalogs the many times Udall has restricted conservatives’ right to bear arms.
Udall might be be getting high on the legal weed out there in Colorado because no one in their right mind can say they’re a pain in Obama’s side when they’re the one who is helping get Obama’s gun control rammed through the legislative process.
Perhaps that’s why Michael Bloomberg endorsed Udall for Everytown for Gun Safety, Bloomberg’s pet project to get guns out of people’s hands.
Whatever the case might be, if a politician like Udall or Obama says they’re in favor of the second amendment, you can assume they’re lying about that too.

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