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"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

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Our mission is to document the pivotal Second Amendment events that occurred in Frontier Mercersburg, and its environs, and to heighten awareness of the importance of these events in the founding of our Nation.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the place where the Second Amendment was "born" and to the proposition that the Second Amendment (the "right to bear arms") is the keystone of our Liberty and the Republic.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Missouri: Strongest Defense of the Second Amendment in American history.

By Mike Maharrey - 5/26/2013

On May 8, the Missouri legislature approved arguably the strongest defense of the Second Amendment in American history.

If signed into law, HB436 will nullify virtually every federal gun control measure on the books – or planned for the future.

All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, shall be specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.

But work remains to make Second Amendment preservation a reality in Missouri. The legislature transmitted the bill to Gov. Jay Nixon on May 22. That gives him until July 6 (45 days) to make a decision on the bill. Should he veto the measure, the legislature will reconvene in September and consider an override.

Sources close to the Tenth Amendment Center indicate Nixon does not want nullification to become a reality in Missouri. But he has political considerations to take into account. Missourians overwhelmingly support the right to keep and bear arms, and if he actively blocks a measure protecting those most basic rights, it would tarnish his credentials as a relatively Second Amendment-friendly politician, and possibly torpedo future political aspirations.

Missourians need make it clear they are paying attention to his actions and let him know in no uncertain terms that they do not expect him to stand with those in Washington D.C. who would enforce unconstitutional actions violating the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act passed both the Missouri House and Senate with veto-proof majorities. Missourians need to make sure their representatives and senators maintain their resolve should Nixon chose Washington D.C. over the people he represents in Missouri. Show Me State lawmakers need to know the people have their back.

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